• Absolutely, Ultraflix offers a lot more 4K content than Netflix right now. However, most of us already have Netflix subscriptions, so this will help everyone get the most out of their current setup.

  1. So this is what I have streaming
    The IP is Comcast 90mbps, there’s only 3 of us in the house.
    My device: Tronsmart Vega Telos S95
    I use kodi and I pay $2.89 monthly for a Real-debrid account
    I have a Samsung 4k 3D UHD 65″ tv.
    It’s amazing the 4k video streams from ReleaseHub (kodi addon)
    In the tv test section there’s 4k tv shows. There’s x265 and 10 bit color.
    Dare Devil and many other 4k stuff to watch.
    My Tronsmart is a hell of a great box for streaming 4k.

    • Thanks for the info. I think I may have seen you’re name on debrid or another forum for the same issue. You inspired me man. I have wanted this to work on my TV so long, but the box, TV, and HDMI cable were so cheap, I didn’t think I’d be successful, and you inspired me to take the debrid plunge. Well worth it. Thanks, and cheers.

      • Bri is the man! He runs a Facebook group called Kodiholics if you want to get more info on streaming. You’ll also see me there too, so stop by and say hi!

    • After extensive research I came across this post and read your comments. Based on the reaction of other to to your post, I feel it may be worth taking a chance and trying your methods.

      C. Lugo

  2. I have a 43″ 4K TV. It’s “Changhong” brand. Cost less than 300$, MXQ Plus android tv box 35$. I have WOW internet for 19.99/month for the slowest speed (20 mb/s). I followed Bri Smiths approach. I broke down and registered for Real Debrid. I got Kodi to play in 4K watching DareDevil. My TV info says it’s 1080p. I pressed “O” (oh) button and it said 1080p for output. I went into the display settings and manually changed the display output to 2160p 24hz. The tv box menu lagged, and the video output lagged even more, and the words didn’t match, but kodi, and my tv confirmed the output to be 2160p (yay sort of). I changed the tv box to 2160p 25hz and tried again. The menu still moves kind of slow, but MAN the 4K video works like a charm now. Mouth/words were in sync, and the picture is almost flawless. Thanks Bri, Real-Debrid, Kodi, and cheap internet, tv, android box. I can’t wait for more content.

  3. There is certainly a great deal to find out about this issue. I love all of the points you’ve made.

  4. This two Android TV-Boxes (Rippl-TV V2 and WeTek.core) have license for Widvine Level 1 and kann play all APPs like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and so on with HD (1080p)

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